l i f e

it's full of possibilities.
it's full of love, heartache, joy, sadness...
it's never what we expect it to be, good or bad.
but I guess that's what life is; an adventure.

what does my adventure look like?  ...



 this past weekend was my cousin Diana's birthday. 
she requested a vanilla cake with Nutella frosting (bottom tier).
the top tier is one of my favorites, red velvet with cream cheese frosting.


the ocean.

if I could live at the coast for the summer, I would.
of all the places I've been, the Oregon coast is my favorite.
the salty, fresh ocean air.
the icy cold sea that us Oregonians are so used to, fades away in the summer months and is replaced with beautiful warm water.
I can spend hours just sitting, watching the beauty before me.



what would I do without them?
my siblings are my friends. 
we eat, we laugh, and then we cry from eating and laughing so much.
it's a beautiful thing.
above is a photo of my sister-in-law Alina on her beautiful wedding day.
she's a keeper. 
also, she knows how to make killer macarons.
yeah, I suck at those.


 biking + portland

biking seems to be all I want to do lately. 
and what better place to that then in Portland.
after all, we are the bicycle capital of America.
my goal :: seattle to portland.
seeing my brother do it has got me pumped!


cake and food totally deserve two different categories.
this here is a beautiful corned beef sandwich from Laurelhurst Market.
my god just look at it.
isn't it breath-taking?
if you haven't guessed already from this blog, all I do is eat.
all day er'y day.



the older I get, the more I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.
Oregon, you never fail to amaze me.
thank you for views like this.